Home and Back Again

Here I am again in the city of Merlion, where I chose to begin a new chapter in my life slightly more than a year ago. It felt so good to be back home though it was somewhat short. I guess that’s how things will be for the next few years as long as I keep my head up in my current job.

Turbines, turbines and turbines. Hmm…love or hatred? I hope it’s never the latter. At the very least, not now. *Smirk*

I was surprised I didn’t fall asleep in the safety training this morning. In fact, I was impressed by my own performance in keeping my eyelids opened throughout the somewhat gruesome session I would perceive it to be. Having just a little more than 3 hours of sleep the previous night, I thought I would have never made it.

JT’s presence perhaps kept my excitation system in place. Well, I have a confession to make: I didn’t pay too much attention to the class (which I already knew what it is all about anyway), but instead we had a good time catching up with each other’s happenings thus far. Can’t believe it’s already eight months since we last met. Arhh…those good times we had in San Diego…the sun, sea, beach and most important of all – the chilly wind which caressed my cheeks gently. Simply marvelous.

Sometimes I wish Singapore has such wonderful weather. All I have here now is nothing short of a scorching sun which is ever so generous with its merciless rays of light.

The dinner with Ewon and gang was…ahem…merely manageable I would say, even though I wolfed down everything in a matter of minutes and emerged as the fastest diner of the day. Hoorah! But there was no award for being the quickest. Why did it matter anyway? I just earned myself the worst table manners award of the month. Not too bad for a merdeka day I suppose.

Let’s be honest, the food was nothing worth shouting about. In fact, I think the Ah Balling they had for dessert was far more superior than the black pepper beef fried rice I tasted. The horrid black gravy just overpowered the chunks of beef strips and absolutely, I mean ABSOLUTELY if not ENTIRELY, conquered and overwhelmed my tastebuds. My sensors cried out aloud, raising alarms and initiating shutdown sequences.

The honeydew and sago with coconut milk I had after that didn’t seem to ameliorate the damages done. So much so for the Malaysian style cooking on Malaysian grounds. I should have known better 🙂 No offence Ewon and SL…if you’re reading this. Okay okay okay, I exaggerated a little. It ain’t THAT bad. I was being difficult and picky. Happy now? :Þ

Dinner notwithstanding, the fellowship and friendship we shared are precious to me. To that end, I never had the slightest doubt whatsoever.

Gotto go catch some sleep and finish up my laundry. Another long day tomorrow.


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