An Old Gift

You won’t believe it but I actually preserved a pen given to me by a very good and close friend of mine when I was doing my first year in varsity.

Found this precious gift while cleaning up my room during chinese new year:

Old PenCarefully and painstakingly crafted in hues of red, orange and white, my name displayed a stark contrast on a beautifully woven gift such as this.

Okay, it was a kind hearted girl who gave me this. And I can still remember her in her pinafore when she was merely 16 years old.

Wonder who she is? Carina just posted her pictures on her newest entry.

Yvonne aka Ah Tan was that adolescent girl. She remained, till this day, one of the most faithful friends I ever had. Thank you my friend! And I wish you a happy Mrs. Chan in the near future! Hehehe… 😛

The girl with a ponytail and bright pink bag has grown up to be a lady.


2 thoughts on “An Old Gift

  1. Ah…. sentimental fool that you are, you actually kept this for 8 years. 🙂

    Seeing that we’re in a mood for sentimentalistic reminiscence, do you remember the RM1000 I loaned you during the first year of uni? Since you are such a good friend, I’ll only charge you 3% interest (much lower than the bloodsucking banks, I must say 😀 ) and just for the first 7 years. You only need to pay me back RM1229.87 or let’s just round it up to RM1230 for convenience sake. 😉

    Joking aside, it’s great to have old friends who can still remember the geeky, fresh-faced person that you were in your teens. 🙂

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