Manners Please

I stared at the young lady with utmost contempt. Her eyes met mine and looked away. There was a raging fire deep down in me. I would have her stoned to death for the indifference she displayed so non-chalantly. Some people just never learned, and perhaps never will.

The poor old man, laden with the groceries in his hands, was filled with disappointment when he couldn’t get a seat. He looked around but nobody stood up and gave him the seat he so rightfully deserved. The scoundrels who took those illegitimate seats dared sat comfortably on the reserved seats and paid no attention to the needy around them. If you asked me, I would have them receive the infamous “rotan” session in Singapore or Malaysia’s jurisdiction. Then would these offenders know how to get their butts out of the way for the elderly, disabled and pregnant ladies impromptu.

What has begotten the younger generation – the whole new leaders of tomorrow who are supposed to be well educated? Have they abandoned the virtues of being morally sound?

In the U.S., Federal laws requires that operators request passengers who are non-disabled to vacate priority seatings when needed. I did a check on the guidelines for SMRT and found that this is not part of the government regulations. I seriously think this should be implemented. Courtesy has always been a well protected Asian virtue. Unfortunately, its integrity is falling apart rapidly.

Education is important, but action speaks louder than words. You tell your kid to be courteous and well mannered but showed no grace in real life, I tell you…you might end up having to spend the rest of your old age all by yourself. The reason? Simply because you TAUGHT them so.

Each and every one of us will age. And when you could no longer stand more than 5 minutes in a bus or train, you would long that a good hearted person will vacate his/her seat for you. And then you will remember what cruelty you have shown others when you were younger.

Rome was not built in one day. It starts with you.


4 thoughts on “Manners Please

  1. Haha… I think at one point in time or another since the dawn of civilisation, someone from an older (means you 😉 ) generation has been saying the same thing about the demise of good manners of the younger generation. I feel it’s true as well and I put it down to lack of parental guidance. With parents spending more time chasing materialistic goals, families have been neglected. Also, the traditional extended family which has played such an important role in Sinic (maybe Asian) civilisation is almost non-existent now.

    However, the way I see it is that it is a cycle. Maybe won’t happen in our life-time but at some point in the future, chivalrous behaviour and good manners will be the norm once more. Families will once again play and important role in society. Evolution and revolution of society has always occurred. In certain eras of history, I read that moral decadence (even by our modern standards) were the norm but then it was unsustainable and an era of prudishness occurred. And over time, these behaviour changed and the cycle renewed itself. Maybe we’re witnessing the demise of one civilisation cycle now. I doubt we’ll be around the witness the birth of a new one, though. In a sense, it’s like the stock market, only difference is that the cycles there are shorter. 🙂

    Did I make sense?

  2. Instead of staring her down, a polite request for that girl to vacate her seat would have been more effective, no? Remember mingshi’s showdown with the boy who pretended to sleep so he won’t have to notice a pregnant lady in need of a seat on the mrt? 😛

    Btw i won’t be quick to blame parents lah… up to a certain age, perhaps, but thereafter i do believe it’s all up to the individual… a choice to care.

  3. Boy pretending to sleep? Could be my classmate. 😉 Hehehe… I remember him always falling asleep whenever an elderly person or pregnant woman or person carrying young children came up on to the bus. Had to wake him up to give up his seat. 😛 The “best” thing is, the guy got A1 for his Moral subject in SPM.

    I meant that I felt that was the root cause but the world is complex and many factors can contribute as well.

  4. I couldn’t be bothered after the next stop coz that old man got a seat. Otherwise, that girl was going to get it from me.

    Sooth, not everyone who scored A1 for his/her Moral subject in SPM is unscrupulous k.

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