If you’re wondering why I didn’t keep my diligence and keep blogging, that’s simply because……..

My windows registry collapsed and there was no way to repair it unless I wipe the whole HDD clean. Shit!

I guess I’m not too disheartened, except for the fact that I had to live without a computer for a couple of days. Kevin, my IT specialist – a bright, young chap was kind enough to spend his weekend fixing this and voila! Here I am.

Many thanks to you my friend. You filled me with awe and gratitude. đŸ™‚

Thank God this only occured right after I sent my work report to the customer. Otherwise, it’ll be hell a lot of problem for me to get back to the shipyard and get things fixed the way it should be.

More updates coming your way. Need some time to restore all my programs and softwares before I’m being dispatched somewhere again.

Have a good one all of you đŸ˜‰


3 thoughts on “Breakdown

  1. Hmmm… A likely story. Perhaps, just plain laziness.

    Don’t we all suffer from a healthy does of that once in awhile?

    But maybe a good thing after all. We should all try and live without our computer. When a machine becomes a life support system for men, men then begin to take on the characteristics of the machine.

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