On Love

I actually deleted this post accidentally but thank God I managed to remember what I wrote 🙂 Can’t seem to find a way to move the blog back to its original time slot though. So please bear with this yea!

“The longing for a destiny is nowhere stronger than in our romantic life. All too often forced to share our bed with those who cannot fathom our soul, can we not be forgiven if we believe ourselves fated to stumble one day upon the man or woman of our dreams? Can we not be excused a certain superstitious faith in a creature who will prove the solution to our relentless yearnings? And though our prayers may never be answered, though there may be no end to the dismal cycle of mutual incomprehension, if the heavens should come to take pity on us, then can we really be expected to attribute the encounter with this prince or princess to mere coincidence? Or can we not for once escape rational censure and read it as nothing other than an inevitable part of our romantic destiny?”

~ On Love, Alain de Botton, 1993.

In case you’re wondering why I’m putting this up, I’m actually reading the book recommended by Sooth. I don’t usually carry a novel with a pink cover but I guess there always will be exceptions.

A book worth reading when the cupid eludes you P


2 thoughts on “On Love

  1. Thank you. Can’t believe I made a stupid mistake – didn’t check the edit timestamp checkbox. Must have been really sleeeeeeeepy 😉

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