Jews and Palestinians
Judaism and Islam
Intruders and refugees
Bungalows and tents
Sabbath and solat.

Both claimed inheritance
to a land so prosperous
that manna once fell from the skies.

Whose land is it anyway?
Whose promised land?
Whose paradise?
Not the Jews,
nor the Palestinians,
not anyone’s.
It’s GOD’s.

The chosen people exiled
the so-called Gentiles
Inflicting years of pain,
suffering and inhumane torture.

Have they not remembered
the days they were enslaved?
Haven’t they learnt
the treacherous paths across the rea sea
and the abounding grace which surrounded them?

Plane hijackers and suicidal bombers
gave up their lives
as sacrifical lamb
in the name of GOD chanting
Jihad Jihad Jihad
Allahu Akhbar!

Have they also forgotten
the peace and tranquility
they once shared
with the oppressors
in the deserts and oasis?

War, war and nothing but war
After all these years
they still haven’t learnt a thing or two.
What significance is there
when all their children witness
is merciless killing?
Hands stained with blood
they called themselves pilgrims
but are they?

Two races
one plot of land
one lifetime
one war
one destiny
one GOD.

Love thy neighbour as thyself
A commandment so great
passed down generations after generations,
yet these people of similar faith
failed to fathom
what GOD tells them to.

Obstination sometimes knows no end
and when there’s nothing left
but a dead end
will God allow any more U-turns?

For those of you who haven’t watched Munich, please do. Listen to what Steven Spielberg and Eric Bana are trying to tell you.

It inspired me to write this 😉

If you don’t know about Israel, The United States & The Palestinians, it’s probably time to look at the world and learn about the most powerful triangle in the world.


5 thoughts on “Munich

  1. Why shouldn’t they? It’s not about Muslims killing the Jews in an Olympic Game. It’s a political war which started donkey years ago 😛

    What good can it do by suppressing the truth?
    What benefits do they reap by erecting a protective shield?

    Camouflage shatters.

  2. The history has stretched too many years for peace to happen anytime soon, if at all. How far back do you want to roll back time to settle all the disputes there? Both have historical claims to the land.

    I think Jews are used to living in the lands of others for centuries but Muslims are notoriously bad about that. In the end, they want to be the dominant force and impose their way of living on others. They can’t be the minority religion in a land or they will want to fight for a separate area.

    At the end of the day, if they want to wipe each other out, fine with me. Just don’t take the rest of the world with them.

  3. Forget apocalypse. Take a practical approach to the problem and see it for what it is.

    The modern state of Israel is a political creation – ordained by the Western powers from their guilt over the Holocaust.

    The land of Israel is ordained by God. Only the Messiah can lead the Jews back to Israel and as far as anyone knows, David Ben-Gurion and Golda Meier (the founders of modern Israel) are not the Messiah. There are religious Jews that abhor Israel (the political entity) for this reason.

    Christians in the US like Israel because having the Jews back in the Holy Land sets the stage for the second coming of Christ. Israelis are ambivalent about their support – knowing Christians believe that when Christ arrives, the Jews must either accept him or be banished to purgatory. Their response is a polite but firm – “Get fucked”.

    Not that I believe any of this crap, but the problem gets resolved when the US butts out – plain and simple. The US has geo-strategic reasons for supporting Israel in the manner that is does, maintaining the conflict, and denying the Palestinians their national rights.

    Arab nationalism is the greatest fear of the US government. As long Palestinian national rights are denied, these nationalist forces are supressed on wider scale. A trenchant Arab nationalism would soon mean the overthrow of the US supported client states and dictatorships in the Arab world. The replacement governments might be less friendly to US economic and strategic interests. Who knows, the Americans might even run out of gas for their Humvees.

    The Arab-Israeli conflict is a distraction that helps maintain the status-quo. As long as the conflict remains low level and does not get out of hand, the power elite will benefit, hence the periodic attempts at a “peace process”.

    The Iraq war is an attempt by the US to re-establish a friendly regime in Baghdad. Saddam was once an American ally – until he stepped on the wrong toes. He was becoming the “voice of Arab nationalism”, so he had to go.

    Should we fret? Well, anyone with any basic humanity and concern for the dignity of others should.

    Will it get out of hand and explode into a wider war, with catastrophic consequences for the wider world? Hard to say. The US will have a lot to say about that, and their competence is questionable.

    I think if left to themselves, and removed from the geo-strategic equation, the Israelis and Palestinians would sort it out on their own. There is room for both of them and they both know it.

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