It’s You

So good to see you again
I count it my gain.

It has been ages
But it didn't take away my senses.

Your scent in the morning
Your warmth in the evening.

Hands pressed firmly against each other
Our eyes spelled uncontained amour.

Cuddling you
when we hadn't a clue.

Was it love or lust
perhaps morphed into rust.

Why did I feel this way
when you are far and away.

It's you
Only you.


2 thoughts on “It’s You

  1. Well written! Here’s an amateurish attempt to reply:

    It has been said, time and again
    Where there is no pain, there is no gain
    But without you, all my gains are in vain…

    Absence makes the heart fonder, that is what they say
    But this I pray,
    That I see you, day by day

    Uncontained amour
    Or unspeakable splendor?
    Time spent together was such bliss
    But without you, things seem amiss

    Was it lust
    Or some youthful folly
    It might be of a time past
    Though present it is, etched in memory

    Where do we go from here
    Do we make decisions based on fear
    And turn our backs with a shed of tear
    Or is this time, our intentions clear?

  2. Perhaps something from the "Bard of Avon" would be appropriate.

    "Oh what a tangled web we weave

    When first we practise to deceive"

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