To Dust you Shall Return

So tired. Lethargy seemed to have overwhelmed and took over every single trace of life in me. I looked at the papers on my feet and wondered if I could leave them alone. NO.

Why do they make us do all those sickening paperwork? We are in the 21st century for God's sake! I know the electronic system is currently under review and I'm glad there are those who diligently look into the matter but shouldn't they use a little pace? Go Go GO!!!

Oh why am I complaining anyway? It's not going to make any difference. Corporate konon.

I was quite mad when I received the phone call asking me to go to another job site when I touched down in Beijing the other day. If it weren't for the companions I had with me, I would have hung up on the caller. Period.

Mentally stressed? Yes, perhaps. The pillar of strength which supported the weight of the uncertainties collapsed, releasing uncontained resentment and bitterness.

Probably it's time to start practising my beloved Chopin piece – Funeral March. The time is near, my love, it's near.


2 thoughts on “To Dust you Shall Return

  1. A truly beautiful Chopin piece is the Valse Bleu (Blue Waltz). Listened to in the right mood, it can be depressing, but not quite so as Funeral March.

    Anyway, it ain’t that bad. Keep your chin up.

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