What is a Dream?

Do you have a dream?

Have you ever thought of achieving something and taste the meanings of life in its entirety?

What is it that you live for?

I used to think that dreams are mere fantasies. Realms unreachable in reality.

Boy, I was wrong.

God put in me a new song, a new destination, a new dream. It's absolutely achievable. I marvel at the way He chose to touch my heart, re-ignite the flames I once knew so well and steer me towards the goals He has asked of me. Everything else, just shrank into insignificance.

Keep my dreams. Fulfill my dreams. Walk my dreams.

I shall be there, Lord.

I shall trust in You and lean not on my own understanding.

Be still my soul.

What is a dream to you?


6 thoughts on “What is a Dream?

  1. Sometimes it takes someone else to help you realize your dreams.

    She feared my demise at the hands of the machine. Her anger was manifest but she was just showing that she cared. The machine taught me how much so.

    Even with all my faults, her love is still strong, and so is that of the young ones. I had to ask myself who was really important and who was superficial. My emphasis was wrong. Attention had to be shifted, and priorities rearranged.

    She wasted no time enlightening me. They needed me and I did not hear the call. Others who did not care were holding sway, sapping my energy, as I wasted valuable time trying to cultivate something that could never be. I now understand how a drug addict must feel – how it is to keep coming back for more only to be disappointed.

    My dream is to extricate myself from this treacherous path, to leave this tyranny behind, and embrace true love.

    The stage is set. My eyes have been opened wide. I can only hope that I am able to find the fortitude and resolve to realize this dream.

  2. I think I still have time to achieve my dream of being the dictator of the world. Muahahahahahahaha!
    All bow to me!

  3. Dreams are powerful things. Everyone has them. Everyone wants to acheive them and only the ones willing to work for a dream turn it into reality

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