Kota Bahru

Just woke up from my sleep and took some paracetamol. Viral fever never really left me these days; they come back stronger each time. And they seem to surface every time I have a new assignment. Darn.

Say a prayer for me while you're reading this. I won't be able to write anything else in 2~3 weeks as I'll be flying offshore tomorrow morning. Alas, my days of land jobs are over! It's time to deal with the most challenging aspect of my job – nothing but horizons and a bunch of crazy men running around, yelling at one another. It doesn't help to be 200km from the coastline of Malaysia's Land of Lightning by the way. 

Let's just hope that I won't be persecuted in my own homeland.

Having not used the language for the last two years, I can't believe I actually pronouced Jalan Taming Sari as tae-ming saree instead of taa-ming sa-ri during Melaka Makan Marathon. Oh man, I'm turning ang-mo. And you can laugh all you want 😛

Need to go catch some sleep. Time to tame some fever. ZzzZzz


3 thoughts on “Kota Bahru

  1. No lah, you’re not turning angmoh… just berkarat only… clean the rust and you’ll be aminah once again 🙂 Take good care!! You’ll be in our prayers…

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