This is going to be real short, as I can’t write much right now. It’s 200km offshore and I feel I’m totally cut off from the world I am so accustomed to. No news. No papers. No mails. No phonecalls. I’m stranded.

In fact, it is rare that I get to use this terminal to write this entry. Worth more than a thousand bucks, any time.

Perfect sunrise and sunset accompany me every freaking day in this part of the country. But I found no beauty whatsoever; a feeling of inexorable gloom awaits.

I think I have had enough, at least for now. It’s just shitty to be here. I need to feel human again, seriously.


4 thoughts on “Offshore

  1. Hang in there yo… you’ll be back before you know it! Hey, if u get to read this, let me know if you are going for Coldplay’s Twisted Logic concert 10th July a.s.a.p. I’m buying the tickets 🙂

  2. After doing this for 25 years, I conclude that, in some respects, offshore is really the place to be.

    Amidst all that metal and the clatter and clanging of the machinery, a certain peace and solitude exists. It’s the solitude that comes with escaping from “civilization as we know it”.

    No one bothers you. The phone doesn’t ring. No e-mail. No disruptions. No disturbances. You concentrate on the tasks at hand without care or burden.

    You read and relax. Contemplate. Some installations even have a little music room where you can jam on a keyboard or guitar. And for those who are totally brain dead, there is always television.

    People in Malibu or La Jolla have paid millions of dollars for the view that you have, and you are getting it for free..haha…

    Yes – it is good to retreat from humanity once in awhile.

    Oh well, back to the real world of healing my reconstructed knee. 🙂

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