You Made the Difference

(Picture Courtesy of Juangti, Wan-Leong. Edited by yours truly 😉 )

When you showed up at the conference room
shortly after I touched down
I felt the warmth of a friend
flowed like a river.

My first offshore experience
Your longest so far
Despite the circumstances
hardship and heartaches
We pulled through
and managed a smile.

Busy boys are happy boys
but it’s only true
when you are not alone.

We ran into disputes
on the red and green marks
but it was fun
because differences brought us
to a different elevation
of tolerance and understanding.

I cherish the nights
when we did nothing
but talked and talked
with strong winds carressing our cheeks
and stars glimmering above us
until our coffee ran out
and our faces turned numb
by the chilly air from the north.

It was you
who made the difference
who kept me from boredom
who reminded me of my goals
who had me thinking in a different light.

thank you for being there
I couldn’t have felt better
if it weren’t for you my friend.

This entry
is meant for you
as we walked out
of that shit hole
alive and kicking!


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