It's my second offshore job in my life and it has to be home ground. Why am I not surprised? As a matter of fact, I was kinda expecting it. This time, it's Terengganu 😉

And the best part is yet to come: my next assignment has been scheduled. 🙄

Do I feel exhausted? Yes.

Do I feel unhappy? Perhaps.

Do I feel bad about my job? Maybe not.

Do I like working in my own country? NO.

I'm not saying I dislike my country; I just couldn't stand the way my fellow malaysians do things. It's saddening and pathetic in more ways than I could imagined. The worst part is most people live in oblivion to the "tidak-apa" attitude. When are they gonna wake up from their slumber? Or could they, ever?

Thank God the Mocha Frappucinno tastes more or less the same. Time to catch my flight.


4 thoughts on “KLIA…

  1. Tidak apalah, MT. Just close one eye mah!
    Our YB from Jasin already showed the way when he asked the Customs to close one eye on his company and our PM also closed one eye to that.
    So you should just close one eye to your fellow Malaysians. Relakslah, bruder!

  2. Change was in the air, but now, the pendulum is swinging in the other direction and the powers-that-be are nodding with approval.

    If the Chinese ever get fed up and decide to leave en-masse, the country will fall apart faster than a cheap tent in a typhoon.

    Not to worry though, you will be somewhere else 🙂

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