Just touched down in Mumbai and checked into the comforts of my hotel room nearby.

Nothing seemed to have changed much since the last time I was here, about a year ago. The distinctive scent in the air could not have my guessing this place wrong even if I were to be blindfolded. It is just amazingly Indian.

Need to get some sleep before I continue my journey in a few more hours. I wonder what they would be serving for breakfast* in awhile 🙄

*Edited: Sun-dried tomatoes bun, smoked salmon baguette, brie, cumin cheddar, olives, grapes, almonds with freshly squeezed orange juice. Finished with a cuppa! 🙂

Now I have sufficient excitation level to run to the airport. Hee…


3 thoughts on “Curryland

  1. Weeee glad to know you are not completely smothered by the Mumbai air. Report on the PSI please… but then we are not talking about the usual particulate pollution right…. :-p Have fun!

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