They thrased thrashed the socceroos! Need I say more? 😆


6 thoughts on “Brazil

  1. Meng Teck,

    Know what, Hannah called me last night and asked me if I was gonna back her in her support for the Socceroos. It seems Aussie was gonna beat Brazil & I asked her what made her suggest that & she replied that the fact that they scored 3 goals in 10 minutes meant they were capable of beating the Samba boys. I told her that that game was against Japan & Aussie should never dream of beating Brazil. There are times where we should be optimistic but also realistic at the same time right.

    Anyway, it doesnt matter to me cos Im an England supporter anyway & Gerard will be the one making any difference in all their games.

    BTW, for a team to thrash another in football, it requires a team to score at least 3 goals and not 2.

    Take care.

  2. Haha 😆

    All I wanted was Brazil’s victory, even if it means just 1 goal. They still send the socceroos home, crying 😉 No offense to my australian friends, but when it comes to a game like this, I’m sure everyone takes sides.

  3. They Thrashed the socceroos (with a second “h”). Sorry, man. Gotta fix the problem. It’s in my blood. 😉

  4. England supporter here……..however, nothing spectacular about this World Cup….very boring style of play and games…….geesh….

    Rooney was really a spoilt brat during the England v Sweden game……..

    Again, Gerard made all the difference!

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