Flickering Flame

Some friendships,
are meant to last.
Many just fall apart,
at the slightest touch.

Flickering flames,
introduced the prelude of an imminent end.
Flickering flames,
signalled the collapse of a creaking bridge.

The avalanche,
must present itself.
And come it should,
before the flame turns into fiery fire.

Out it went,
in a whirl of smoke.
The flickering flames,
finally found its deserved rest.

Extinguished. Relief. Liberation.

I was out for dinner with Stuart and his family. The candles lit on our table reminded me of how weak and fragile friendships can be, especially when too much is to be expected from it.

Oh btw, have I mentioned that Jessy and Erica are simply adorable? 😉


One thought on “Flickering Flame

  1. The flame may be rekindled

    with just a soft spark

    of understanding and empathy.

    It need not fill the room

    just slowly spread its warmth

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