Eu te Amo!

This time, the samba boys really thrashed the japs! Oh man, I love you, Brazil!!!

Japan vs Brazil 

Resistance is futile 👿 


9 thoughts on “Eu te Amo!

  1. Oops. Actually, there’s still a chance for the Saudis but I think they are no hopers. Getting thrashed by Ukraine and now to face Spain.

  2. Heya. Brasil’s my fav…… love how happy they are when they play. Read your blog. Liked it. Rare to find engineers who can write so well… especially the poetry bit…. Think its cos the engineer i grew up with can’t write for nuts ; ) So you read Anne Rice too eh? I know what you meant. When reading her books, its impossible to view the world in a normal way, at least for those few days. Like its impossible not to check out people’s throats after reading her vampire chronicles. hehehe. Think she’s got some hypnotic thingy in her writing……. — uncle lee’s daughter

  3. Mathia: Thanks for the compliment. I’m flattered 😉 Some of the engineers I grew up with actually wrote very well, in fact, they spurred my growth in the english language when I was much younger. Hee…Didn’t know you read Anne Rice too. Should check out the evil quiz I had. Keke…

    Sooth: Well…it was an ang-moh game, no? Hahaa.. 😆

  4. Am really not too evil………. just enough to be exciting.. ; p

    “You Are 24% Evil

    A bit of evil lurks in your heart, but you hide it well.
    In some ways, you are the most dangerous kind of evil. “

  5. How come no updates on Brazil this time. worries, England is out too…so sad to think people like Gerard & Carragher could miss penalties…

    I’d pick Portugal over France to be in the final. It’ll be a Germany – Portugal final I think. Let’s wait & see…….

  6. YR: It was kinda sad to see them out of the game but there’s not much we could do, is there? Honestly, I was cheering for Portugal that night in a whole pool of England fans. It’s amazing they didn’t club me to death. Hahaha…

    Now that only one non-european country is left in the game…

    Portugal! Portugal! Portugal!

  7. I’ll bet on them to be in the final but not to win the Cup lar…actually, Portugal is an European country lar friend….

    I must say you have a rather interesting job there travelling all over the place…must have met lotsa chicks and all… 🙂

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