Our Sojourn In the Harvesting Fields

Today is officially the last day of the blog I've created to allow my colleagues and I to pen down our thoughts in an open forum but unfortunately, corporate rules don't encourage us to do so you see. At least, not mine đŸ˜†

So, here's what I could salvage from it: a heart-felt poem I've written for field guys like me.


About Us 

Into the fields
We set our feet
Extraordinary harvesters we might be
But still very much flesh and blood.

A lot of people say
"What a wonderful life we lead"
But little did they know
What a perilous path we tread.

We don't see each other
But we call one another
Sometimes just to say hi
Many times to ask a thousand whys
And our phone bills soar sky high.

They thought we are superheroes
Gifted with magical powers to do wonders.
But do they really know
We are no angels though we glow.

Do attract uninvited envy
But after all's been said and done
We are still someone else's son.

There's family to return to
Children to look forward to
Close friends to laugh with
Girlfriends to sleep with
And hey!
We are still a rep*.

*Field Service Representative (FSR).


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