Rainy Nights, Hungry Folks

It was an awesome dinner yesterday night though it was pouring heavily. Truth be told, Juangti, Hui Lin and I were on a hunt for Korean grill with heaps of lip-smacking, perfectly cut beef but ended up in a restaurant which serves nothing else but pork grill πŸ˜›

Disappointed? Not a single bit, you bet! The grilled pork on our pan was really good. And with all the condiments that went with it, I guess you can already tell what we did with all our food eh? Hahaa…we wiped everything CLEAN.

And that was not the highlight of the day…

We braved the rain and left the restaurant for more food!!! So, the three of us arrived in a small eatery we saw a few days ago and decided to give it a try. There were quite a variety of soju around and we settled with the bamboo leaf version. It was a lot better than the soju we had over the scallops dinner.

Bamboo Leaf Soju

The seafood platter we ordered were quite delicious but fiery hot. All of us were in tears rejoicing in the goodness of the food and the joy of not having to starve…

Heck, that was not the case. The seafood, though delicious, were too spicy to our palate. It had our tear glands running after just a few mouthful. Nonetheless, we almost finished everything and I guess the soju really helped πŸ˜‰

Just look at the love birds…

Hui Lin Juangti

And yours truly salivating at the sight of the seafood platter


I wouldn’t post more pictures here as it’ll take up too much space. Go to my Flickr webpage to view more photos of my dinners in Korea thus far. Will keep adding until I leave this place. For those of you who don’t have the link, click here.

RainWe left the place with our tummies filled and pleased as punch. It was still raining incessantly. Just look at the rain drops hitting on my newly bought umbrella on our way back to the car.

Hungry folks out on a rainy night. Bliss. πŸ˜†


9 thoughts on “Rainy Nights, Hungry Folks

  1. Looks good. Don’t think I’ve had a seafood platter like that here. Guess it’s because I’m stuck in a valley surrounded by mountains. 😦

  2. Shirley, people like MT are just genetic freaks. πŸ˜‰

    Most people from East Asia aren’t like him.

  3. Shirley: Well, we can grow really fat you know. God made us just the same when it comes to horizontal expansion. Hahaa…but clearly, our vertical growth is not quite the same here in the east πŸ˜‰

    Sooth: Hey…you’ve got plenty of greens in the mountains! πŸ˜› AND….I’m no genetic freak. You ARE the one! Who has been slim all these years? Hehee…

  4. Alas, we Americans are known for our extreme sideways expansion. It’s a disgrace, I suppose. Perhaps we are too prosperous–at least in the arena of food. Those plates of food surely do look delicious though. Wish Jerry and I could join you.

    Thanks for visiting my site and for leaving encouraging thoughts.

    Blessings all around.

    Shirley Buxton

  5. Shirley: thanks for visiting my blog too! And you’re most welcome to join us if you’re in town. I’ll be out of this place in a few weeks’ time though. But more adventures await. πŸ˜‰

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