The Italians Won!

Italy lifted their fourth World Cup while the french were bitter with their dreams shattered.

(Picture extracted from

A game is never the same without some excitement eh? Losing one’s cool is the “in” thing now!


8 thoughts on “The Italians Won!

  1. The saddest thing is that Zizou left in such circumstances!

    What a sad day for football….:(

  2. He created those circumstances. He should have kept his cool. I feel he let his country down by getting himself sent off. Arghh…stupidity!

  3. The French played so much better than the Italians, okie? What Materazzi did was nothing to be proud off… hmmmphh! Boo!

  4. The end results matter. And that, the french clearly did not see. They might have played better; the italians brought back the cup, and glory!

    What did France gain? Shame, shame and shame.

  5. haha…. Italy won the game by luck, they didn’t meet any strong team to the final.

  6. England fan here. However, they deserved to be knocked out in the Quarters with all the damn missed chances & mega screw ups.

    Yea Sooth, I felt strongly that Germany should have won as they were consistent throughout the competition and they did beat the more impressive teams…..

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