Darkness crawled into night,
The dawn of all stories untold.
Memories faded into light,
As my life in a bottle unfold.



2 thoughts on “Lamp

  1. Remember the song,Silencio? This photo somewhat reminded me of it…

    by Ibrahim Ferrer (featuring Omara Portuondo)

    Duermen en mi jardin
    las blancas azucenas, los nardos y las rosas.
    Mi alma muy triste y pesarosa
    a las flores quiere ocultar su amargo dolor.

    Yo no quiero que las flores sepan
    los tormentos que me da la vida.
    Si supieran lo que estoy sufriendo
    por mis penas llorarian tambien.

    Silencio, que estan durmiendo
    los nardos y las azucenas.
    No queiro que sepan mis penas
    porque si me ven llorando

    English translation:

    Sleeping in my garden are
    white lilies, purple flowers, and roses.
    My heart, heavy and sad,
    must hide its bitter pain from the flowers.

    I don’t want the flowers to know
    of my life’s torments.
    If they know of my suffering
    they would cry in sympathy.

    Hush, the lilies and purple flowers
    are sleeping.
    I don’t want them to know of my sorrow,
    for if they see me crying,
    they would die.

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