I didn’t mean to…

TEMPT anyone of you reading this but I’ve gotto show you what I had in downtown Ulsan just now. Hehehee… 😆

For a start, take a look at the menu and what they placed before me…

Menu Cutlery

And here’s the “before and after” of the pork we had over charcoal fire. Yes, they use charcoal fire in the restaurant here! Hee…

Fresh Pork Cooked Pork


6 thoughts on “I didn’t mean to…

  1. yummy yummy ! My first love affair with korean barbecued beef was 2 years ago when I attended my sister’s wedding in Korea. I have been to some korean restaurants back here in Malaysia but it’s not as good as the one in Korea.

  2. Seow Sung: I guess the marinate, sauces and most important of all – the meat are not quite the same back home, thus the difference. But I’ve tried one of the Korean restaurants in Singapore and it’s comparable. Post pics when I pay them a visit after my trip here 😉

    Carina: I hear the growl in your stomach! Hahaa… 😛

  3. OMG.. Korean FOOD.. im craving for it!!!! it all started with the korean show on TV.. bout the first female doc in korea.. there’s a few good ones in hartamas! i always go there… but im trying out the ones in Ampang, not sure which one yet… but i’ll keep it posted! off i go.. :9

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