Road Block

Gazing into the dial gauges
I saw a million questions
waiting to unfold into an unknown puzzle
Of which my heart palpitated with each turning motion.

My mind raced to understand
the message those gadgets were trying to send
Perhaps I am too dumb to even comprehend
the hindrances that were placed by my own hands.

We are heading home sir. Exclaimed my workers.
Where are you going to? I howled with raging tempest.
Union sir. Union. Replied my best helper.
So no work after lunch? I turned my face away, unable to protest.

With the preliminary results clutched in my hands
I nodded approbation in disgust
Another day wasted in this land
But it gave me time to remove my rust.


2 thoughts on “Road Block

  1. Their remuneration, salary adjustments, bonus and holidays I think. Sometimes I wish I’m part of a union too. At least my wages are protected đŸ˜‰

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