On bended knees I came
to Him who sits on the throne
with a request that seemed too trivial
yet it mattered a whole lot to Him.

I laid my hands on the engine
fervently hoping things will turn out right
and His hands were there
moving the engine with me, each and every step.

Haven’t you any idea
what thanksgiving filled my every being
at the sight of His manifestation?

Even when I was not faithful
He remained a steadfast, loving God
who desired nothing but the best
for such a wretch like me, whom He called by name.



5 thoughts on “Blessed

  1. ahh baguslah tu… ye of little faith tee hee…
    reminds me of a wise old man who told me to lean not on my own understanding when faced with something seemingly impossible 😛

  2. 🙂 PTL. I do that too, laid hands on my test boards when things didn’t work, and He always helped me to fix it all.

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