In Seoul with Poh Kit

The journey started with Hui Lin and Juangti bidding me farewell at the Ulsan train station. It was really nice of them to send me off and make sure I got on my train. I guess I would miss their company tremendously should I get the chance to go back to Ulsan.

As the train roared and rode steadily towards Daejeon in the crimson hues of dusk, my sojourn to Seoul sprang into life.

Train Windows

The seats in the train were comfortable and had plenty of legroom. You can catch a glimpse of that in my previous post. It is a fantastic way of viewing the countryside and experiencing the mountain passes covered with mist woven beautifully into the dancing rays of light. Breathtaking.


The train was a little late and when I got out of the station, Sooth was already waiting at the exit area. We took a cab to his lab and went out for a delicious mixed beef soup with rice dinner plus a walk around the neighbourhood before retiring in his dorm.

We reached Seoul quite early with the KTX from Daejeon. The journey was swift, though we thought the train a little slow despite the LCD screen showing a good 298km/h in the coach. Then, we hopped unto the city’s metro (subway) and headed towards Anguk station adjacent to Insadong area. Our hearts sank when the owner of Anguk Guesthouse told us all his rooms have been taken. Arghhh…we should have made reservations. But it was useless to cry over spilt milk. Our spirits were not to be dampened on the first day in Seoul; we walked around the area scouting for other guesthouses with my luggage bag filled with working tools. That sucks 😛

Well, we found a place to sleep in the end in one of the small alleys next to the Insadong main street and kinda liked it. Just a traditional Korean room – a thin mattress and quilt. Simple.

Our tummies were growling by then, so we set off immediately in search of food. We wanted to try a shop that sells shrimp dumplings but they weren’t open yet. So, we ended up in a nice, cozy traditional Korean porridge place. I couldn’t believe my eyes when Sooth showed me that abalone porridge is actually cheaper than beef porridge! Man…what’s gotten into Koreans?




After filling our stomach, we took the Seoul city tour bus and began our “exploration”. We basically covered the whole downtown area and visited the Korean Folk’s Museum, Korea National Museum, Nandaemum market and Dongdaemum Market before returning to the main pickup point for our Night Tour!

Day Tour

We were sent to the Seoul Tower as our last stop before heading back to the city hall area. And it definitely looked a lot better in the night than the day. Too bad my camera couldn’t capture what I saw 😛

Seoul Towers

The night ended with a scrumptious dinner in one of the restaurants near our guesthouse and the dong dong ju was absolutely tasty. I think I can finish rounds and rounds of it if you leave me there alone. Hee…


Dinner in Seoul

And no, I did not get drunk 😛 Stay tuned for more of my trip postings later!



7 thoughts on “In Seoul with Poh Kit

  1. Yummy! “Kam-Sa-hamida” thx for the pix..& all ur effort to edit & photoshop them. …
    so u prefer Korean or Jap cuisine? Did u try Bibimbam”Or smthg like tat” . . . Its a kinda Mix Veg + Rice Bowl… Not bad wor 😀

  2. j@Ws: Thanks. I think I like both Korean and Jap food. Yeh, tried the bibimbap. Had it quite often. Best served in a stone bowl 😉

  3. I like the first photo very much, it has a lomo feel to it and definitely engagingly moody (if there’s such a description!) 🙂

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