In Seoul with Poh Kit 2

Our second day in Seoul started with an expedition to the COEX convention center area where we spent some time in the largest indoor aquarium in the city – COEX Aquarium. The crowd was overwhelming and I was really surprised as it was a weekday. Perhaps the summer vacation was the culprit 😉

It is also here where I started shopping for all my girlfriends in Singapore. The furry beaver puppet I got was a real cutie – fell in love with him almost immediately. Hee…and now he even have a name. ZhengHao it is, according to his new master 😉


We saw some wanton noodles and dim sum featured on one of the restaurant’s menu and decided to give it a try. But we were disappointed that they had no wanton noodles really. So Sooth and I ended up eating fried rice HK style and shrimp dumpling. Guess what the name of the shop is? Jackie’s Kitchen! Jackie as in Jackie Chan. I couldn’t believe Koreans love him too. Hahah…I never really was a great fan of his though. Sooth and I were wondering if the fried rice we had is Jackie’s favourite food 😛

Then we got on the subway and headed towards Chungmuro to visit Korea House and a traditional village. And let me tell you this, never have I seen a subway packed with people at two o’clock in the afternoon! Where the hell did these people come from? Arghhh…


Train Waiting

The Korea House, though small, was for me, a must-see. We missed the traditional lunch but signed up for the evening performance and a royal cuisine dinner! Wonderful. And here’s how the place looked like.

Korea House

Next, we visited the traditional village which is next to the Korea house after quenching our thirst with some banana and strawberry shake. Wanted to try the fried red-bean buns by the roadside but decided not to in the end. Can’t really afford to get sick, can I? Hahaha…

The weather was really fiery hot but we still managed to tour the place and it would be nicer to walk around the gardens in winter I suppose.

Traditional Village

And I caught Sooth staring at the girls washing their feet further down the stream!


Well, just joking 😛 He was just in deep thoughts; I couldn’t resist snapping the pic. We did try to cool ourselves down in those shades by the stream.

Since we’ve got time to kill, we walked down the road and reached Myeogdong – the youth and young adults shopping paradise. The streets were lined with you-name-it boutiques, jewellery, eateries, cafes, bars and softee – yes, softee the Korean style. I didn’t capture anything there as my eyes were kept busy 😛 Maybe next time. If we had more time, I might have ended up with a few shopping bags! Hee…

By the time we got back to the Korea House, we still have about an hour to spend. So we just chilled out at the concourse area and logged on to the internet for awhile. Two men came around and chatted with us.

“Nihon jin desu ka”, one asked. “Iie, maresia-jin desu yo.”, I replied.

We later found out that the younger guy is the choreographer for the Korean dances and supposedly very well known in the country and the other is the costume designer. Both of them travel a great deal and stage their creation around the globe.

They left after I gently refused the invitation for some soju session after the performance. And do you know why? They are gay. And Sooth and I showed no interest. Hhahaa…they even asked us if we are “friends” at one point. I guess all our sensors were alerted and went on alarming mode – both Sooth and I. It was funny really coz Sooth pointed it out immediately after they left without my asking. Unexpected passersby but I think it’s normal for those who are in this field of business. I would call it alternative lifestyle 😉

The evening performance was worth every single penny. Too bad they didn’t allow us to take pictures in the hall, otherwise it would be great. But we get to have some photo shoots with the performers after that, so I guess it somewhat made up for it.



And then, came the most important event of the day: the Royal Cuisine Dinner. The set we had was called Nogeum Jeongsik. As much as I dislike to end my blog entries with pictures of food after so many ‘complaints”, I just have to do this 😛

Makan 1

Makan 2


8 thoughts on “In Seoul with Poh Kit 2

  1. Well, I’m sure the menu has been catered to the local taste. You might not like what they might prepare in the States ya know 😉

  2. Hi, Thank you for posting pictures of the food as well. I will go to seoul in March 2013 and I am keen to try out Korea House for its food & performances. May i know the pictures above ‘makan-1-mosaic’ & ‘makan-2-mosaic’, is all inclusive in the Nogeum Jeongsik menu? or did you guys order some additional dishes apart from nogeum jeongsik? Because it looks like a lot. If it is nice, then i will just order nogeum jeongsik too for my mum & myself as i think it can feed 2-3 people. Cheers!

  3. Hi Julia,

    We didn’t order anything extra. Basically those were two different set menu. We decided to try different stuff just to see how they are like. It’s a traditional imperial cuisine but the last time I had it there was some time ago. Give it a try anyway and there are a few set menus to choose from.

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