Last Day in Seoul

Sooth had to get back to his lab on my last day in Seoul – first thing in the morning. So we got up pretty early and took the metro to Seoul Station where he boarded the KTX for Daejeon.

I was pretty sad when we bid our farewell. It is always hard when I need to say goodbye to good friends of mine, knowing I won’t be seeing them for awhile. And the last time Bee waved her goodbyes in San Diego, I nearly cried. I guess I need to learn to be stronger in this area 😉

It was still quite early when I got back to Insa-dong. So I got back to the guesthouse, replied some emails, edited some of my photos and wrote my last work report before setting out for my hunt in the artsy Insa-dong district.

The scene was very different from the quiet streets Sooth and I knew. We got back to the guesthouse quite late you see and thus missed the crowd at its peak. But came morning, the streets were brimming with activities and tourists dotted the whole damm place! And like Sooth put it, a LOT of curiosities.

Insadong Cafes

The rice cakes in one of the pastries shops were to die-for. But since I was alone and quite full from breakfast, I decided to give it a miss though they were sinfully tempting. The restaurants and cafes around the area seemed to be heavily influenced by the fine arts surrounding them too.


I lost count of the number of art shops and galleries I’ve entered but I would say just this: NICE. I struggled to overcome the bursting desire to buy every one of those art pieces home as I wasn’t packed to travel as a tourist. Definitely, I’ll be back here to get things that I wanted next time. And Insa-dong is, for me at least, a place I shall visit again.

By the time I was done with my shopping, it was time to leave and catch my shuttle bus to Incheon airport. I think I’m gonna miss Seoul, Sooth and the Korean soju. Memorable, pleasant and absolutely interesting is what I would describe about my trip this time, if you ask me 😉

Anyone game for Seoul next summer?


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