Pak Lah Speaks!

“This is like playing football, hardly 10 minutes and people have punished me. I’m just warming up and raising the tempo… My style is different from Tun Mahathir… But I’ve never deviated from my long-term goal. I know where I am going.”

~ Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Prime Minister of Malaysia ~

Are Malaysians really getting impatient with his style? Changes, no matter how bad our yearning is, need time to implement. Can’t you freaking Malaysians just be patient and wait a bit? It took Dr-M 22 years to do all the damages and, ahem, glorious developments. What makes you think that it’ll be easy to undo, redo and maybe steer the direction of things in a new way? If you ask me, I would say it’s a daunting and terrifying task. Come on, every leader brings about improvements and invariably, negative side effects from his governance too as part of the package. If it’s PERFECTION we want, only GOD is perfect I’m afraid to say. Dr-M might have allegedly telan a big piece of our nation’s assets, but one has got to remember he did a lot of good too. So, the same goes to Pak Lah. We should really start to learn to be a little wee bit forgiving… 😛


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