Room Service

I can’t help but feel that I’m beginning to develop the room service syndrome 😛 Anyway, the pickled garlic was nice and soft, the sichuan noodles looked good but didn’t taste spicy enough, and the deep fried calamari with sea salt and vinegar was a killer.

Room Service

You don’t seriously think I would drag my feet out of my hotel room, do you?


9 thoughts on “Room Service

  1. Is the middle one the noodles? Looks more like stir fried siew bak choy topped with some minced meat and garlic. Yum!

  2. i miss the ‘peng thong wu lou’ in beijing..i think thats the name.
    u know the stick with fruits in sugar.. hehe

  3. Bee: Didn’t know you like those. Best eaten during winter 😉

    Sooth: You can find a lot of those candies at Wang Fu Jing street. And there are a lot of other stuff to try there too. One of the best wanton shops in town is located in that area.

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