It’s time…

The PLAN is fixed.

Date: 16th August 2006
Destination: Offshore Bohai Bay
Pickup time: 1100hrs
Boarding time: 1330hrs

Anxiety Levels: HI HI Alarm
Unwillingness: Over-ranged
Preparedness: LO LO Alarm
Heart Rate: Out of This World


6 thoughts on “It’s time…

  1. heya, tell you something, hope it makes you feel better. i was having dinner with my dad yesterday, and he said that he thought you were the best among all the young engineers he knew. He said, you see after 2 years only he go and change engine all by himself… wah not bad ah… some of these engineers, after 5 , 6, 7 years, still cannot go and change engine by themselves. He said he really admired and respect you for your attitude and confidence….. very well-rounded person.

    And i was thinking……..hmmm must tell you…… hopefully it’ll make your day!!!

    — and by the way, the place we were having dinner was Cordrouy and Finch (i dunno how to spell lah!! ) Point is , they have the BEST CREME BRULEE i’ve EVER tasted IN MY LIFE

  2. Bunny and Sooth: That was a good one. I never thought of the name in that light 😉

    Mathia: Thanks for the encouragement. And we must go have that creme brulee! Yum….

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