Two lovely Friends

Suyin and ah tan have been the most beautiful gifts GOD has given me in Singapore. They “took” me into their household when I was struggling to find a place to stay in the island. Otherwise I could have lived in the streets for awhile. (OK, it wasn’t so drama. I exaggerated a little). The point is, they cared enough to keep me for awhile as I battled all my sensor circuitries to leave Singapore for good then (and made me their Aminah 😛 ).

I baked my first cheesecake. I danced my first salsa. I had my first margarita. I witnessed my first singapore national day celebration at Kallang Stadium. I joined my first makan marathon. I had my first lychee martini ice-cream. I…

All those things, I did them with ah tan and suyin – two of the most important friends in my life in singapore. And the list goes on and on…

And the latest addition is our night out at the Ministry Of Sound! I’ve been there with suyin before but having managed to drag ah tan along a few days ago was a significant milestone! To these two lovely ladies, here’s what I saw through my lens…thank you so much for all you have done and the friendship we share. You both mean the whole world to me and I love you.

A Night Out


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