Afternoon Tea @ Starbucks


You walked in with a big great smile
That is undeniably Joyce Chow’s.

Faithful with your cup of tea
I sipped my mocha steadily.

We talked about being impromptu
In things we have yet to do.

We shared stories of our lives
unfolded in different angles and lights.

It was such a short meeting
But seeing you is a big thing.

You stood by me
when all misunderstood me.

A loyal friend & partner
who never failed to keep me in prayers.

Just wanted you to know
You touched me in my very soul 😉


3 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea @ Starbucks

  1. Wah, wah!! Deep man….. *Sob, touching too….

    Anyway, enjoyed the conversation…. brought light to many things….
    Appreciate you toooo………

    Keep that fire & passion in you burning, it’s contagiousss!!

  2. Aiyo big bird @ cha chee ……….

    wah..wah….no need touching touching all… touching lar….. such a lovely smile too….. haha

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