Where’s the answer

In just a few more hours, my destiny will be sealed. Or should I just say I need to make a decision which would impact not just my life, but that of those I love.

As I lay down on my bed, unable to sleep no matter how hard I tried, all sorts of possible outcome weaved through my somewhat disturbed mind. My face scowled and wrinkled at some of the windows which crossed and touched the iceberg of my rather complicated mental tower. Shaken but not shattered, I fought back my tears before they manage to find their pathway to the pillow case haven.

I’ve had enough. I’m done. I’m drowned.

Farewell. Celebration. Whatever.


4 thoughts on “Where’s the answer

  1. I have followed through the rather cryptic path of your blog, it is very colorful and from what I could gather you have a girlfriend and have made a journey or are about to make a journey from Singapore. Must you follow your destiny – sure you should. Everyone has to step out sooner or later -otherwise your destiny is to stay where you were born and die there also – that sucks.

  2. Mick: Thanks for the encouragement. I do not yet have a girlfriend but I am making a journey from singapore to a scheduled destination – something I do very often in my work.

    This whole thing has to do with my performance appraisal and what my next destination in life will be. A finale has begun  😉

  3. Meng, take courage. Have hope. You are a fine person, and you will do well with your life.

    How about your spirit? Do you go to church?

    Caring about you,

    Shirley Buxton

  4. Shirley: Thank you so much for sharing your concerns. I do go to church whenever I’m not on an overseas assignment. It’s tough to move forward but with God, we’ll find a way.

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