There are people whom I met in my life who never failed to amaze me. When they couldn’t get what they want – the way they want it, they shall launch a massive destruction plan to destroy what they couldn’t get. Strange? Maybe even weird? Or perhaps sadistic?

How many times have you heard of loving couples who went separate ways in bitterness for the rest of their lives; working partners putting each other into jail; the betrayal of the best of friends who got their hands stained in blood?

Honestly, I’m tempted to do the same when I’m put into situations like these. And a lot of times, it has to do with countless times of provocation on the other party though my silence prevailed. But thank God for friends who reminded me of what GRACE is all about and I ain’t no judge whatsoever. God sees all that is happening and there isn’t a need of explaining on my part.

Grace, is definitely greater than sin.


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