Cheer Up!

I must start this post by informing all my readers that certain posts have been protected with a password for safety reasons – more of my safety as some of the things I harped on were sensitive and shall not be appropriate to make them available to all to view. If you are a close friend and desire to know what happened, EMAIL me and I’ll send you the password.

— o —


It was quite a laid back morning for me except for the relentless text messages (from an acquaintance) probing into my personal life which I have no interest whatsoever in replying. I wonder what might happen if I post all those messages and emails I received here in an open, published platform? Interesting.

Anyway, I met up with one of my good buddies here in Singapore at Dome Cafe before attending the evening service in church. The mushroom and chicken bruschetta served were really good. The hazelnut mocha, however, was a little too sweet to my liking. Just in case you’re wondering, this good looking friend of mine is John.

Tea with John

I went over to ah tan and suyin’s place for some home cooked dinner and to chill out before my trip to Vietnam tomorrow. Truth be told, the zeal and interest are all gone from my very being after my somewhat painful appraisal. It could have been better not knowing the truth but alas, it’s simply too late to regret about it now.

The dinner menu consisted of fried fish fillet with breadcrumbs, garlic sauteed broccoli & carrot, mashed potatoes and fruit salad tossed in yogurt and pistachio. Many thanks to ah tan and su who whipped up such a good meal. I was overwhelmed that ah tan got the Exorcism of Emily Rose VCD for the after dinner movie, given the fact that she covered her eyes with the sofa pillows most of the time. I’m really touched that you girls would want to sit through a movie I’ve been wanting to watch to cheer me up. That, is what true friends are for.

Cheer Up Dinner
I will pick myself up my friends. Don’t worry. God is here, isn’t He? Amen.

And next time we should have more mochi and tea while ah tan plays some nice pieces on the piano for us đŸ˜‰


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