MIA in Vietnam

I’ll be offshore Vietnam tomorrow morning and might not be able to post anything else for the next few days until I complete my assignment and get my ass back on land. So, don’t be surprised if I’m missing in action for awhile.

There shall be another assignment waiting for me in another offshore location within the country for a much longer duration after this. Hopefully I can get internet access and not too exhausted to post my next entry. Took some pictures while strolling the streets just now but I’m too tired to put them together.

Pray for me if you’re reading this. Pray for my health, well-being and ask God to help me sustain my attitude and aptitude at work yeah!


2 thoughts on “MIA in Vietnam

  1. Hang in there my friend :). Remember heaven is cheering with you in every step you take! May God’s peace fill you throughout your stay in Vietnam. Have a good time enjoying the country, I remembered my friend bought back some tea which was great stuff.

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