Excursion On a Motorbike

Nothing beats riding on a bike with the soothing early evening breeze gliding over my face. I didn’t manage to meet with my friend as she was busy with work. So I got the hotel to arrange for one of the motorcyclists out there to bring me around Vungtau.

Coastal areas, almost always, have these things in common: hotels, motels, seafood restaurants, cafes, beach resorts, beach goers. The deserted coastal lines during the day will be littered with all sorts of things and people in the late afternoon when locals and tourists come out to play.

The first stop was the Jesus Christ Statue built in the early 70s on top of Nui Nho mountains. I must say the 30 minutes hike up was worth it – the panoramic views were fantastic.

Statue of Jesus
My driver actually brought me to a brothel after we toured the beaches and around town. I nearly laughed my head off as I struggled to get him to get me out of the “drive-thru” whorehouse 😛

But I must give him credits as he sent me to one of the churches on a hill at the other side of town on his faithful Honda Cup. There was a statue of Mary and Jesus built right next to the church but I was too lazy to climb all the way up there to snap more photos. The ones below should suffice for now. Hee…

Church on a Hill
Pagodas and temples littered the whole town and some of them are actually very nice. If you’re into all these, they are definitely a must-see. I didn’t manage to capture any pics as it was getting really dark.

The whole journey took me about 3 hours but it was more than enough for the evening 😉


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