Picturesque Vungtau

Something captivated my very soul when I was touring the town of Vungtau on a bike yesterday and at that very instance, I planned in my heart to go back to the spot and capture those memories as best as I could – beach of Bai Dua:

A walk on the beach

I must confess that I love the sea. And I love sunset better than sunrise. Someone said that those who prefer watching the sun setting on the horizon tend to be melancholy and overly sentimental. Perhaps I’m one of them.

I stood at the feet of God’s creation and marvelled at the wonders of His hands. There is no one, absolutely no one, who can paint as beautiful as He. Let my life be filled with the colours of your wondrous touch, my Lord and King. Amen. đŸ™‚

*Edited: This will be my last post before heading offshore tomorrow morning. Keep me in your prayers, my brothers and sisters. Shall upload the photos and publish the link when I get back okay? Chao!


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