Storms and Wind

Typhoon Xangsane finally made its grand arrival in this part of Vietnam, packing strong winds and excessive rain with it. And there’s 100 men stranded onboard. 300km away from land.

It’s kinda cool to stand on the helipad and allow the wind to carry all my restlessness away, leaving traces of its violent nature as it rustled through my hair.

Stormy days and windy nights; it shall be sunny and bright all the same nonetheless.


2 thoughts on “Storms and Wind

  1. Normally I am based in Vung Tau but for the typhoon I was up near Danang when it hit. We evacuated to Hue a which wasn’t hit so bad. Flooded and all but not like Danang where most of the roofs of buildings were blown off. If you come often you can always give us old timers a call

  2. ct: thanks for dropping by and it’s nice to see your note here đŸ˜‰ Not sure if I’m heading back to vungtau again but will let you know if I do.

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