Guinea Pigs

Had an awesome dinner and get-together at Ramon’s place yesterday night. The architectural designs of the house, which date back to the 70s 1930s, are well preserved. A touch of chinese inheritance is evident from the tastefully furnished decor, with a tinge of vietnamese arts blending harmoniously into its entirety.

While John and Ramon were busy preparing the feast for the night, I enjoyed some quiet moments snapping some pics of the place and sipping Tahuna’s Sauvignon Blanc. Other guests arrived shortly and it was just wonderful to be in the company of friends who were easy going and interesting to talk to.

The unmistakable aroma of the crayfish bisque, prepared with the finest efforts by Ramon, wafted through the house as four starving wolves waited in full anticipation at the dining area. I’m sure you can imagine how we kept ourselves busy with the wines, crackers and bread dipped in excellent balsamic vinegar and olive oil to whet our appetites right? 😛

The starters platter and the creamy bisque finally made their grand arrival before our very eyes and all of us really enjoyed them. I personally like the hummus though John thought it wasn’t dry enough.

The steak, grilled to a perfect pinkish tenderness (at least my portion was) was good with slabs of sauteed duck liver, topped with truffle sauce. The stewed tomatoes were just lip-smacking good. I guess all my fellow diners could vouch for that 😉

What better way to put the finishing notes to the wonderful dinner than having a slice of well-made cake, lemon sorbet and coffee? I dare say John’s culinary skills are improving. And I think Ramon is coaching him well too.

John, JH and I took our leave from our hospitable host and headed to a bar for more drinks before calling it a night.

A night well spent. An evening worth remembering.

Whoever said being guinea pigs for chef-in-the-making is a bad idea? For me, it’s the people who mattered. Of course, the dinner was a big bonus. Hee…

John and Ramon – I just want to say thank you 🙂 And to all the new friends I’ve made, it was nice chatting and dining with you.


7 thoughts on “Guinea Pigs

  1. Slight correction, the apartment was built by the British Colonial Rulers sometime in the mid 1930’s.

    Cheers and God Bless…

  2. Heya. Finally made it here – nice blog! It was great hanging out with ya – let’s have a drink soon at your favourite bar before you fly off again.


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