Come and Gone

Bus comes
Bus stops
Bus leaves.

Strangers appear
Strangers say what’s up
Strangers turn into acquaintances.

Friends arrive
Friends depart
Friends linger in our hearts, long after they are gone.

Looking back ain’t gonna help
Looking away ain’t gonna heal
Looking forward is what the Lord wants me to.

All I ever wanted
All I ever needed
All I ever desired

Is just a touch
Is just a simple faith
Is just an embrace.


3 thoughts on “Come and Gone

  1. MT, are you okay? Why a sudden melancholic state of mind?

    Because of fate, stranger become acquaintance
    Because of faith, acquaintance become friend
    Because of flux, friend become less contactable
    But, feeling of care forever live within

    Take care…..

  2. maria: thanks đŸ˜‰

    fresh: I’m alright. There are people whom I knew would be great friends but all of us move on in our lives, with our goals to pursue.

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