Wedding Bells!

A stunningly beautiful bride and a blissful groom. A union made perfect in God’s blessing. Congratulations brother Woon Yen and sister Donna! May the Lord bless you and your household now and forever more. Amen.

Woon Yen and Donna


6 thoughts on “Wedding Bells!

  1. It was great bumping into u at the pre wedding “reception” at HRC….small world…..must meet up again when u come back again the next time…take care

  2. Eh, actually I was in S’pore last month but u were away I Think…will call u when I do go down again…u’ve gotta gimme your e-mail address & Phone number in s’pore…u have my e-mail, kindly forward me the details…thanks mate

  3. Yo brother! Haha… somehow I knew you’re gonna blog about this! Anyway, thanks for coming to our wedding. Appreciate that! Nice photos too!

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