Autumn Beauty

Admiring the wonderful blend of colours on the leaves outside my site office, memories of the last fall and winter were revoked in an incessant flow of unforgettable snapshots which brought a smile to my face. They seemed so vivid that I could hardly contain the joy inside of me while reconstructing the windows to showcase those happy moments once more in my mind.

I never thought I would have the opportunity to return to Xinjiang to witness another season of falling leaves giving way to snow flakes pouring from skies above. And it never crossed my mind that I would be given the chance to work with Uncle again. Lesson learned – never say NEVER 😉

Somehow, there was, to a certain extent, a note of melancholy lingering in the air that seemed to resonate with my soul, in a peculiar rhythm I could hardly identify within me. I asked myself why. And a deafening silence filled every space there possible could be.

I really SHOULD try (my best) to be less sentimental, should I not?


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