Back in Town

After what seemed like ages, I’m finally back in singapore for my long deserved break. The chilly weather in zepu is turning colder as I type this. And I can only pray that Eva and uncle will be shielded from all the cold and keep themselves warm for the imminent startup.

And I finally saw carina in her latest hairdo! Hee…She and ah tan were quite smart really. They called me while I was having my hair trimmed at a salon and asked if I’m done with my hairdo (when I did not even utter a single word about my going to the salon).  Friends sometimes can be quite amazing. They called it their sixth sense. Perhaps girls are far more sensitive than their male counterparts 😛

Met up with KW and went to a place called Bali Villa at Lock Road. The ambience was excellent and we had some traveller’s wheat with a tinge of ginger from archipelago brewery. Tasted fine with me for the night. KW was a little stressed due to all the pressure at work but I can see that he’s taking it well. More importantly, I think he had gradually developed the passion for the job and gained a lot of confidence from all the exposure, which I personally see as a big boost to his capabilities. As a friend, I’m only glad that he’s loving his job.

Okay, enough of my ranting. For now, I’ll just sip my sauvignon blanc slowly while listening to some interesting talks between a couple of americans and some japanese men. A little alcohol do wonders, no?


7 thoughts on “Back in Town

  1. Probably they just recognised your usual behaviour of going for a haircut after your long trips. They’ve probably been studying you like those documentaries. Maybe they’ll produce that documentary one day. “The traveling engineer”. Hmm… 🙂

  2. Sooth: Unless we go along with MT for each assignment, that documentary ain’t happening hehe… a good documentary needs balanced reporting and interesting footage to create a compelling narrative 😛

  3. I suggest a critter cam around his head the next time. Maybe it’ll stop the swelling (eg. Thinking of writing a bio at this young age). 😉

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