Fade Away

I walked down the staircase with the howling wind blowing strongly against my body on a cloudy Friday morning. I wondered if the wind would be sufficiently strong to lift up the air of heaviness and drag it far into the horizons, where it would be reduced to a weightless entity void of emotions.

I saw the smiles and footprints left behind by those I chose to remember. Our laughter, teases, sarcasm, and brotherhood lingered. I saw a fading shadow of my own self nibbling dry instant noodles in the rain, munching leftover cranberry pies in the wind, and frying french fries in the middle of the night. My presence somewhat diminished with the departure of the familiar faces that I buried in the compartmentalized sections of my rather complicated mind.

I felt numbness creeping in. A distant alarm went off. ‘Not again.’ I sighed.


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