Round and Round

The sun shone brightly, bringing in the first ray of light into the lonesome corridor. Hurrying footsteps, gurgling water from the bathrooms, and repeated clang resonated from doors in different rhythm gradually gave way to a drop-dead-silence in the entire place save for the low humming melody of the running engines out on the deck.

I walked out in my coveralls and stood by the rails. It was so good to soak in the morning glow though I love the misty, greyish skies.

Sometimes I wish I’m a child again so that I could take a pencil, point it towards the horizon and run a line along the distinctive separator till I get back to the starting point. And turn round and round and round. ‘Look mum, it’s a circle. It’s round!‘ I could hear the child exclaiming.

Sun does you good at times. Real good.

3 thoughts on “Round and Round

  1. The child and the sun is always the same – always providing us all pure and clean energy 🙂 We hardly appreciate them for odd reasons till it’s sometimes too late. Take care!

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