Staring into my LCD screen, I struggled to concentrate. My mind seemed to drift aimlessly. After three dreadful adrenaline-packed days, the engines were finally running quietly without throwing more tantrums than they really should.

Another crew change. And I’m still here. Stranded.

Soon…it shall be my turn too.

Did I tell you I’m beginning to dream of Lychee Martini and Melting Moments?


7 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. no pictures but there are description on what it is bah 😛 Just use ye imagination will do….Banana Fantasy and cherry brandy sounds very interesting…heh Maybe should go and try it when I’m in Singapore…

  2. Yea!!!!!you say one ar….hehehehehehe joy joy joy!!!! i’m planning a trip down during February….eh got to save money first =_=

  3. PrincessE: Just let your sis know and we’ll arrange it.

    carinasuyin: sensual tiramisu…hmm…speaking of which, I think I missed MS’s homemade tiramisu. Yum..yum…I’ve seen brandied figs & honey quite a number of times I was there. Hee…

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