First Day in Texas

It was a long and tiring journey from Singapore to Texas. I should have stayed in LA with KW before making my way to Dallas. Perhaps it was also a blessing in disguise. If I were to change my flight, I might not even get on the plane at all. The unforeseen weather change caused many to be stranded in airports and I was so glad I did not fall into that category.

By the time I touched down in Dallas Fort-Worth and picked up my car, it was close to one o’clock in the morning. Thereafter, it was another hour’s journey to the hotel I am staying in right now.

So what exactly did I do on my first day here?

Well…I woke up pretty early and had some good cinnamon roll (pictures later), toast with cream cheese, fresh orange juice and a few cups of coffee. Yes, american coffee…with hazelnut cream. Hmm, these things remind me of WL-J. His company is sorely missed as he isn’t here with me this time.

Had a leisurely drive to the training facility, which is about an hour away. It was nice to see cows grazing in green pastures against a beautiful and clear blue sky. The shimmering Cedar Lake in the morning was alluring. And with a nice, cold breeze, I can see why the cowboys were out with their fishing rods and waited patiently for the prize.

It was a little late by the time I finished exploring a retail area near the hotel I stayed in and as I was lazy to drive too far to grab a bite, I decided to try one of the tex-mex restaurants along the way. The Mexican Grill & Cantina served really good food and though I wouldn’t say their margaritas were superb, they tasted good. Sometimes I wish Mexican restaurants back home would serve fresh tortilla chips with salsa free of charge (like the ones here) simply because one can get quite full with just the chips alone. So for people like me, I would just keep ordering drinks and munch on the chips. Hee… Anyway, the main course recommended by the server was very good – smokey beef with grilled chicken enchilada that were served with refried beans and rice.

I was eyeing on the desserts but was just too full. I guess that means I would be coming back soon for more margaritas and some kahlua ice cream pies? Yum…yum…


9 thoughts on “First Day in Texas

  1. Chee Tong: Yes you are right. But you’ve gotto order and pay for the tortilla chips. They serve this as a standard snack here and it costs not even a single cent. đŸ˜‰

  2. Happy CNY!
    Cool Texas…the second largest state in the US, famous for thier Rodeo shows…
    The name Texas was derived from the Caddoan language of the Hasinai…which means “friends”
    Hey than you can watch real life rodeo…

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