The gravitational pull towards disconnecting the live cord of the display was enormous, so much so that I gazed intently on the blinking light emitting diodes with lust. My fingers itched and twitched in a peculiar manner, prompting me to reach for the walkie-talkie.

“Control Room, call back Control Room.” I yelled over the radio.

“Yeh, go ahead.”, replied the operator. “CCR, I am gonna power down some components in the panel and there should be some alarms annunciated in your system. Do you copy?” I asked.

“No problem.”, an affirmative voice came through the line.

My heart thumped ferociously with the mad adrenaline release in my blood stream. I laid my fingers on the miniature circuit breaker and was about to pull it out when a familiar voice struggled to break free from its bondage.

Make no mistake about this. Do not attempt any task, no matter how small, if there is a chance it might cause us to shutdown.”

THAT line echoed in my mind and accelerated to a crescendo in a whirlwind, knocking down walls of barrier erected by the enticement along its way and flagged an emergency shutdown.

My hands retreated abruptly from the breaker and shut the door.

Thou shall not sin.


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