I’ve never tasted muscat grapes until I set my feet unto the Luberon valley. The closest thing I’ve ever had was probably the muscat wines from Beaume de Venise that one might find in the wine cellars in Singapore.

The grapes have an intoxicating floral aroma and a distinctive sweetness that would leave you yearning for more, pretty much like those perfectly burnt caramel popcorns in the States. I bought this bag of muscat grapes from a roadside stall where they grow the fruit and other vegetables on a patch of land nearby.

It was a wonderful start to my tour in the Luberon Valley.

7 thoughts on “Muscat

  1. Hello! long time no see, decided to check out your blog to see how’s life been for you. Glad to see you’re enjoying yourself, it really looks like a beautiful place to be! = )

  2. Yeh! Let’s catch up! my dad’s in vietnam now…. think he’ll have his long vacation soon!

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